About Ebooks

How do I find ebooks?

  • The easiest way to find ebooks is to search the Library Catalog.
  • You can also search the ebook collections that the Library subscribes to by using the links below.

How do I view, print, and download an ebook using my own computer or device?

All LCC Library ebooks can be read on a computer screen.  


Over 128,000 titles on a variety of subjects, including professional fields.

EBL (Ebook Library) 

Over 118,000 academic titles on a variety of subjects.

Gale Virtual Reference Library 

Over 300 complete reference works, including encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks.

  • Print and download individual articles (not entire book)

Oxford Reference Online

Includes over 340 dictionaries, encyclopedias, and companion guides to a range of disciplines.

  • You are restricted by Copyright to the amount of information that you can print/save to PDF. See Oxford Reference Legal Notice for information on printing and saving.

Can I borrow an ebook from Summit or another library (Interlibrary Loan)?

Unfortunately publishers prohibit libraries from sharing ebooks.

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