Google Scholar - Library Links

Lane Community College Library participates in Google Scholar's Library Links program. This means that when you search Google Scholar, you can easily see what articles you have free access to through LCC Library's database subscriptions. More information about Google Scholar »

How do I set up Google Scholar's Library Links?

Off-campus? Follow these steps. 

On campus? Google Library Links are automatically set up. Skip to next section.

  1. Go to Google Scholar and click "Settings"
    google scholar
  2. Click "Library links"

    Some browsers display Scholar Setting links on the left
    Google Scholar Library links
    Some browsers display Scholar Setting links across the top 
    Google Scholar Library Links

  3. Show library access links for Lane Community College

  • Enter "Lane Community College" > Find Library
  • Check "Lane Community College"
  • Save
    Google Scholar Check Full Text and Save

    *Also enrolled at UO or OSU? You may choose up to 5 libraries!

How can I tell what articles are available in a LCC Library database?

  1. Search Google Scholar
  2. Look for "Check Full-text@LaneCC" links in the right-hand column:
    Google Scholar Check Full Text
  3. The link resolver (pictured below) will attempt to locate the article in one of the databases that the Library subscribes to.  Click on the database name to retrieve the article.

    *Off campus you will be prompted to enter your last name, L number, and MyLane password. 

For help using Google Scholar, or if you have other research questions, please Ask a Librarian.