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Welcome to the Makerspace  

Hours: Mon - Fri from 10 AM - 2 PM, but depend on staff availability.  

Please check-in with SHeD staff if it is your first time using the space, or if you need guidance. Read on for more info!

  • Craft materials, button-making, and sewing/needle arts supplies are available. 
  • 3D printing is available by arrangement only.  

For an orientation to craft materials or sewing please contact Claire by email, or stop by the SHeD to arrange.

For details about our 3D printing capacity, please see this page.

How to initiate a 3D project:

1. Contact the Makerspace staff with your 3D printer request.

2. Discuss your project and confirm that your files will work. Discuss timing and pick-up.

First-time LCC users can print objects for free up to 3 hours of machine time. Cost is $1. for each additional hour.

If there is a cost for your project, Makerspace staff will discuss it with you before printing.

The Makerspace does not permit the creation of weapons, weapon parts, or facsimiles. We reserve the right to refuse access for the creation of weapons, contraband, or other items in violation of campus policy or the Student Code of Conduct.

Questions? Please contact Makerspace staff to learn more.

Mission of the Library Makerspace  

The Library Makerspace is a community space that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and access to tools and technology. The Makerspace mission is inspired by a DIY ethos of sharing and exploration.

All current LCC students, staff and faculty are welcome to use the Library Makerspace equipment. 

For questions, please contact

Expectations for makers  

Please help us keep the Library Makerspace tidy and operational! Please ... no food or drink!

Tidy up! - Users will leave the Makerspace as clean, or cleaner, than they found it. All items should be returned to their proper storage locations, and the workspace should be free of debris. 

Be timely! - Users are responsible for wrapping up their projects in a timely fashion. Please plan accordingly! 

Be helpful! - We need your help maintaining the Makerspace. Users will inform staff if supplies are running low, or if any equipment is in need of repair.

Safety in the Makerspace  

Safety is important for all Makerspace users!


  • Behave in an appropriate and safe manner, comply with the Makerspace safety policies, and report any behavior that feels unsafe.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions and Makerspace directions for equipment use. 
  • Adhere to all safety guidelines associated with equipment provided by the manufacturer, Makerspace, and Lane Community College.

If you are unsure, ask! Users will be expected to ask questions if Makerspace equipment or directions are unclear.

Make note of the location of the fire extinguisher.

In the event of an emergency, or equipment malfunction/damage, users should immediately notify the Student Help Desk, who will contact Public Safety or emergency services as necessary.