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Study Rooms

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Study room reservations:

  • 2 hours per day maxium. Reservations open 1 week prior to reservation date.
  • Available to current students only.
  • Follow the Library Study Room Policy.

Study Room Location Maps

Individual Study Room

Seats 1-2    
Room Number: 236

Reserve Individual

Individual study room

Small Study Room

Seats 1-4    
Room Number(s): 226, 331

Reserve Small

Small study room

Medium Study Room

Seats 3-6    
Room Number(s): 225, 316, 317, 329, 330

Reserve Medium

Medium study room

Large Study Room

Seats 6-12    
Room Number: 235

Reserve Large

Large study room

Study Room Location Maps

Main Floor: 200s

Study room map. Ask at the desk for directions to the studyrooms.

Top Floor: 300s

Study room locations top floor. Ask at the desk if you need directions.