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Newspaper Article Search

Search the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Times, and L.A. Times using US Major Dailies database.

  • Additional Sources

    The Eugene Weekly

    Eugene's alternative weekly newspaper.

    The Register-Guard

    The web-based version of Eugene's daily newspaper.

    Register-Guard (Google News archive)

    1860-2008, exact replica of print version

    Oregonian via

    You can find stories from the Oregonian online for free for six months. Only stories, columns and opinion written by Oregonian staff can be found on Syndicated content from other news sources including national news stories, columns and opinion pieces are not available here.

    Google News

    News from a wide range of outlets.

    Google News Archive

    Provides an easy way to search and explore historical newspaper archives. Coverage for many titles extends as far back as the early 19th century. Users can search newspaper by keyword or browse by newspaper title and date. Search results include free full text articles as well as some articles that require a fee. For items not freely available, search the title of the newspaper title in the LCC Library catalog. We may have it in a Library database.

    Historic Oregon Newspapers

    On this site you can search and access complete content for historic Oregon newspapers that have been digitized as part of the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program (ODNP). This full-text searchable database contains over 1,000,000 pages from Oregon newspapers dated 1846 - 2018.

    Oregon Index

    The Web-accessible Oregon Index is a selective index to Oregon newspapers, and to Oregon items in selected other publications. The Oregon Index database coverage is 1985-2004.