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Library Instruction Request

Hello, and thank you for your interest in information literacy and research skill-building! Please complete this form and a Lane librarian will reply by email within 2 business days. Your request is not confirmed until we reply with availability and options for your students. 
Library Integration Type
Quick introduction of a librarian to your students for the purpose of fostering familiarity with and comfort reaching out to library staff.
Live teaching session focused on research skill-building topics, such as: brain-storming/concept mapping, finding sources, developing keywords, or evaluating sources. Please schedule your session to correspond with a specific assignment.
Collaborate with a librarian to develop a video or mini-lesson in slide deck format covering your assignment, discipline, or a specific database.
Collaborate with a librarian to create a webpage outlining the available research resources for your assignment, course, or discipline.
The Research Toolkit provides an overview of the library research process. Work with a librarian to incorporate a portion of the Research Toolkit into an assignment for your course.
An embedded librarian can offer regular drop-in sessions during or outside of class times, plus activities that suit your course needs such as citation workshops, brainstorming sessions, creating worksheets/activities, and/or any of the options above.
Work with a librarian to develop a research assignment that incorporates information literacy goals.
Let’s talk! (library liaisons by discipline).
Request a specific librarian
Tell us more about the session, suggested topics, areas of focus, etc.