Instruction for Classes

Library Instruction Scheduling Guidelines
  • Time your session in relation to research assignments according to desired learning outcomes/student goals.
  • Please submit your request at least one week in advance of the desired date (view the classroom calendar).
  • Library instruction is available during Library open hours.
  • Please submit one request form per class.
  • Students should be required to attend the library session; instructors are required to attend as well.
  • The library classroom is heavily used by students when it is not reserved. If your class has fewer than 10 students, we will reserve adequate computers, but will allow other students to use the remaining classroom computers.
1 Start 2 Dates/Times 3 Instruction 4 Complete
example: BIO 102
If you have multiple sections of the same course number and would like to repeat the same library instruction session please choose "More than 1 session" for additional time slots.