Academic Liaison and Subject Specialists

As the Library's academic liaisons, we can help LCC faculty in a variety of ways:

  • provide an avenue for faculty and staff to recommend new books, videos and other materials for addition to the library.
  • provide faculty with a contact person for building resources for new curriculum.
  • help faculty in evaluating the Library collection -- now part of the approval process for new courses and curriculum.
  • help faculty in developing assignments based around library resources.
  • depending on the assignment, we can help faculty with specialized individual research, such as bibliographies and interlibrary loans.
  • collaborate with program faculty to meet the library learning outcomes of each professional technical degree and certification program.
Advanced Technology
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Auto Technology David L. Doctor
Aviation David L. Doctor
Construction and Drafting David L. Doctor
Electronics and Mechanical Technology David L. Doctor
Fabrication and Welding David L. Doctor
Manufacturing David L. Doctor
Art and Applied Design
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Architecture and Landscape Design Claire Dannenbaum
Art and Art History Claire Dannenbaum
Multimedia and Graphic Design Claire Dannenbaum
Photography Claire Dannenbaum
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Accounting David L. Doctor
Administration David L. Doctor
Business Management David L. Doctor
Computer Information Technology
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Computer Science Meggie Wright
Information Systems Meggie Wright
Simulation and Game Development Meggie Wright
Culinary and Hospitality
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Cooking and Catering Meggie Wright
Hospitality Management Meggie Wright
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Child and Family Education Jen Ferro
Teaching and Learning Jen Ferro
Health and Physical Education
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Consumer Health Claire Dannenbaum
Physical Education and Fitness Claire Dannenbaum
Health Professions
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Dentistry Claire Dannenbaum
Emergency Medicine (EMT) and Paramedic Claire Dannenbaum
Health Information and Medical Office Claire Dannenbaum
Nursing Claire Dannenbaum
Nutrition Claire Dannenbaum
Physical Therapy Claire Dannenbaum
Respiratory Care Claire Dannenbaum
Subject: Subject Specialist:
College Staff Development Selected by all librarians
Continuing Education Selected by all librarians
Library Selected by all librarians
Oregon and the Northwest Selected by all librarians
Popular and Recreation Selected by all librarians
Sustainability Selected by all librarians
Language, Literature, and Communication
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Children's Literature Jen Ferro
Foreign Languages David L. Doctor
Literature David L. Doctor
Mass Media and Film David L. Doctor
Speech and Communication David L. Doctor
Writing and Composition Jen Ferro
Young Adult Linda Crook
Learning Communities
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Academic Learning Skills Jen Ferro
Cooperative Education David L. Doctor
Counseling and Career Development David L. Doctor
English as a Second Language (ESL) Jen Ferro
High School Connections Jen Ferro
International Programs Jen Ferro
Tutoring Jen Ferro
Veterans David L. Doctor
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Engineering Jen Ferro
Mathematics Jen Ferro
Music, Dance & Theater
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Dance Jen Ferro
Music Jen Ferro
Theater Arts Jen Ferro
Subject: Subject Specialist:
Anatomy and Physiology Claire Dannenbaum
Astronomy Jen Ferro
Biology and Microbiology Claire Dannenbaum
Botany Claire Dannenbaum
Chemistry Jen Ferro
Earth and Environmental Science Jen Ferro
Energy Management David L. Doctor
Physics Jen Ferro
Zoology Claire Dannenbaum
Social Science
Subject: Subject Specialist:
American Indians David L. Doctor
Anthropology and Archaeology Claire Dannenbaum
Criminal Justice and Law Jen Ferro
Early Childhood Education Jen Ferro
Economics David L. Doctor
Ethnic Studies David L. Doctor
Geography and GIS David L. Doctor
History David L. Doctor
Human Services Jen Ferro
Philosophy and Religion Claire Dannenbaum
Political Science Jen Ferro
Psychology Jen Ferro
Sociology Jen Ferro
Women's Studies Claire Dannenbaum