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Sewing and Textiles

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Textile crafts

The Library Makerspace offers a variety of tools for textile crafting, embroidery and sewing, including:

  • crochet hooks
  • knitting needles
  • embroidery hoops & floss
  • sewing needles and threads
  • pot holder looms
  • books and patterns for inspiration

We have a small selection of yarns for you to learn with, but not enough for a large project. Feel free to bring your own yarns, and leave extra to share.

The Library Makerspace has basic tools available for sewing project use: scissors, rotary cutters, seam rippers and some thread. Bring your own fabric and notions (zippers, buttons, elastic, etc).

Safety using machinery

  • Pay close attention when operating sewing machines and Serger
  • Keep fingers, hair, and loose clothing away from moving parts
  • Do not use if machine is damaged or not working properly
  • Keep ventilation openings open and free of lint, dust or loose cloth
  • Do not drop or insert anything into machine openings
  • Do not push or pull fabric; it may cause the needle to break
  • Turn machine off when threading, changing the needle or changing the presser foot

Janome MyStyle 100 Sewing Machine

The Library Makerspace has two Janome MyStyle 100 sewing machines available for use in the Library Makerspace. The Mystyle 100 is a basic mechanical sewing machines with simple dials suitable for new users to learn on. The machine has 15 different stitches, the ability to make button holes and an easy oversized reverse button. Check out these easy beginner projects!



The Makerspace has a Brothers Lock 1034D Serger available. The serger helps create a clean finish on hems and seams using a four thread overlock stitch. The serger is especially helpful when sewing with stretchy knit fabrics, creating a seam that stretches with the wearer and is less likely to break. has a great video series on the 1034D machine. Here is the playlist so you can choose which videos to watch.

A few good first serger projects are: