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About the Cricut

The Cricut Maker is intended for paper projects, iron on decals, or vinyl stickers. It can also cut light-weight leather and balsa wood. Start with the Cricut Learn Tutorials.

The following are approved materials to use with the Library Makerspace Cricut:

  • balsa wood
  • card stock and paper
  • vinyl and iron-on vinyl
  • duct tape
  • some fabrics and textiles (use a stabilizer!)

Using the Cricut

Cricut Maker is a cutting machine which can cut out intricate patterns on many materials.

Creating your design

Ask a Student Help Desk worker to log in to the project panel for you (we have a generic account).

Once logged in, Start “New Project” or look through the available designs.

Here are some tutorials to get you started:

Setting up materials

Your project setup on the Cricut website will tell you which materials you need to complete your design.

  1. Choose the correct Cricut blade for your materials and ask Student Help Desk staff to change it for you if it is not in the machine
  2. Choose the mat that works with your materials, they are labeled at the top
  3. Remove the plastic coating from the mat and line up your material on the cutting mat how it is shown on your project setup online
  4. Follow the prompts given online

If something goes wrong, please ask staff for help and do not attempt to fix the machine yourself!

Things to know

  • “Print and Cut” is not available at the Makerspace since we cannot use any irregular paper.
  • There are many tutorials online if you’re not sure how to create something.
  • The Cricut uses blades to cut materials. Please do not put your hands or other objects in the cutting area.
  • Ask a Student Help Desk or Makerspace staff person to change any blades. Do not handle blades yourself.

Cricut video

Check out the Design Space Tour to get an idea of all the things the Cricut can do, and how to get started in the design process.