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Button Making

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About button making  

The Library Makerspace has two button makers available for LCC students and staff to use on site. The button maker may be used in a Group Study Room (by reservation) if preferred. You must have a tutorial before using the button maker on your own. You can arrange a tutorial at the SHeD desk, or email Claire at

Buttons come in two sizes:

  • 1.5” buttons (small)
  • 2.25” buttons (large)

Reserve the button maker after completing the Makerspace orientation and demonstration of the equipment. Please reserve the button maker in advance to be sure it is available. Visit the SHeD or email to reserve. 

Drop-in button making is available without a reservation. Limit of 4 buttons per student, please. 

Need more than 4 buttons? Please arrange with us in advance to make more than 4 buttons for clubs or special events. We are no longer able to take cash for our supplies. Thanks for your understanding!

Button maker

Step-by-step instructions  

Make a groovy pin button in 5 easy steps! — Be sure to watch your fingers!

Gather the pieces you need to make a button pin.

Button making parts: shell, pin-back, and mylar
  1. Design your pin. Use either the smaller (1.5”) or larger (2.5”) paper circles as your template. Keep the design close to the inner circle edge so you will not lose the edge of your design in the press.
  2. Cut your design to fit the press. Use either the smaller or larger circle cutter depending on the size pin you are making. (To remove cut design, push up on metal cylinder under the cutter.)
  3. Use Platform A of the button press to sandwich the top pieces. On Platform A stack the design of your button in this order:
    1. Smooth shell on bottom (facing up, like image below)
    2. Design in middle (facing up)
    3. Mylar sheet on top

Rotate Platform A under the lever, pull lever toward you and press the pieces together. Press slowly and firmly to get a good fit!  Release the handle.

  1. Use Platform B to attach the pin back to your button design. On Platform B, place the pin back with the pin back down. Rotate the platform under the lever and press the two pieces together.  Again, press slowly and firmly to get a good fit! Release the handle.
  2. Rotate the base and retrieve your fabulous pin. Wear it with joy!

How to make a button