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Classroom Policy

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The LCC Library Classroom, Center Room 234, is designated primarily for library-related instruction purposes where instruction is led by a faculty librarian or in collaboration with a Lane instructor.

General Policies

  • Anyone using the classroom must abide by the Library’s Internet Use Policy.
  • No library computer may be used for illegal or unethical activities. See the Library's Internet Use Policy and the College's Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy for more information.
  • No software may be added to or removed from the computers without prior permission of the Library Director.
  • No one may alter, tamper, revise or otherwise change any software, hardware, furniture, or classroom equipment.
  • Exercise courtesy. Keep the volume low, talk quietly, return furniture and headsets to their original locations, etc.

For Library Instruction

The Library classroom may be reserved by librarians to provide instruction sessions and demonstrations; these instruction sessions have priority over all other uses of the room. Teaching faculty may, at the discretion of the librarian, reserve the classroom for library-related instruction such as use of the Library’s databases, or to complete assignments developed collaboratively with librarians.

In general, the classroom may not be reserved for use by teaching faculty and/or students for regular classes, exam sessions or other non-library initiated or non-library related purposes. More information on reserving Instructional Computing Labs is available at

Faculty who wish to schedule their classes for library instruction should complete the online request form at least one week in advance of the anticipated visit.

For more information about the Library's instruction program, please call the Library Reference Desk at (541) 463-5355.

For Library Related Business

The classroom may be reserved and used by library staff for any library-related business. The room may also be used for other non-instruction-related meetings in which one or more library staff is present. Examples are: meetings of committees, task forces, or professional organizations that a library employee is working with to fulfill any part of his/her primary job or research and service responsibilities.

Care of the Equipment

Anyone who wishes to use the teaching station and related equipment in the classroom must receive instruction on the proper use of the equipment prior to using the room. All equipment is the responsibility of the individual who has reserved the room.