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Diversity Statement

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Lane Community College Library recognizes its exceptional role in promoting diversity within the College and our local and global community. The Library cultivates and encourages diversity and multiculturalism through its collections, programs, services, and human resources. The Library

  • understands the value of diverse co-existence and interdependence
  • actively works towards an environment of respect
  • fosters a spirit of fairness and tolerance for human differences.

The Library ensures all users equal access to its collections and services. The Library's work environment and ethic reflects inclusive and participatory practices, as well as the responsibility for preventing bias and insensitivity. We work towards  equal access without regard to:

  • age
  • ancestry
  • class
  • color
  • culture
  • disability
  • employment status
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • ideology and opinions
  • income
  • interests
  • language
  • learning styles
  • marital status
  • national origin
  • origin
  • politics
  • race
  • religion
  • sexual orientation
  • veteran's status

The Library addresses diversity in 4 interrelated contexts:

  1. the workplace environment
  2. the library environment
  3. the learning environment
  4. the cultural and social environment

The workplace environment

We value and promote diversity amongst coworkers, which encourages creativity, debate, innovation, and organizational progress. To accomplish these goals, we encourage diverse hiring and promotion, and foster respectful and participatory communication and collaboration.

The library environment

We value and promote diversity as a library and as library professionals. To accomplish these goals, we encourage and promote:

  • access to information services
  • variety and scope of material and services
  • flexibility and adaptability of materials and services
  • elimination of technical, administrative and system barriers
  • reflection and promotion of multiple viewpoints, worldviews and perspectives in the Library's collections and services.

The learning environment

We value and promote diversity among all library users, including students, faculty, staff, and community members.
To accomplish these goals, we actively use methods and practices that emphasize a flexible and empathetic approach to each library user.

The cultural and social environment

We value and promote diverse lifelong learning and information literacy as pathways to an informed community. We value and promote cultural awareness and social responsibility as pathways to fostering an appreciation of a diverse world. To accomplish these goals, we actively use methods and practices that foster a diverse view of the world and its cultural and social environments.