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Intellectual Freedom

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Implementation of the concept of academic freedom in the Library involves selecting some materials which may be considered controversial by some individuals or groups. Reasons often cited for materials considered offensive may include profanity, divergent viewpoints, controversial authors, sexual explicitness, use of nonstandard English and dialects, and violence and criminal acts. The acquisition of such materials does not imply approval or endorsement of their contents. These materials are acquired to support the curriculum and to represent all sides of controversial issues. The selection criteria used by Lane Community College must remain broad and flexible in order to provide a collection which supports the wide range of academic and technical programs and diverse backgrounds of its clientele. The Library endorses the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights, which is attached as an appendix, and the principles of that document are an integral part of this policy statement.

Patrons with a concern about an item in the collection should submit their concerns in writing to the Library Director. A committee of librarians and faculty members will review the complaint and make a recommendation to retain or withdraw the item in question. The complainant will receive a written response. Procedures for handling complaints include allowing individual(s) to complete a Statement of Concern form requesting that the material be reconsidered.

In order to provide an orderly procedure for the review of questionable materials, the following outline has been developed:

a. concern shall be in writing on the approved form, which must be filled out before consideration can be given. This form shall be submitted to the Library Review Committee.

b. the Library Review Committee shall be composed of the librarian in whose subject or selection area the title falls, the Library Director, and a member of the Library staff. This Committee shall consult with faculty from the affected discipline(s).

c. statements of concern are given serious and objective review. The best interests of the students, the community and the College shall be paramount considerations. The Review Committee shall report its action to the complainant as soon as possible.

d. the Committee may recommend that the questioned materials be:

  • retained.
  • not retained.