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Mission and Goals

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Library Mission and Philosophy

Lane Community College is a comprehensive community college whose mission is to provide accessible, high quality, and affordable lifelong education. Within this context, the primary goal of the Library is to provide library services that support the curriculum and fulfill the information needs of students, faculty, staff, administration, and community through the building and maintaining of a vital collection of library materials and resources. Whenever possible, these will be extended to the community.

Library Unifying Principles

In our interactions with patrons:

  • We believe our patrons should be treated with professionalism and respect.
  • We believe the Library should be accessible to everyone.
  • We believe the Library should provide an environment conducive to learning and productive work.
  • We believe in promoting library literacy.
  • We believe in the use of plain, simple language.

In our interactions with our colleagues:

  • We will endeavor to apply the above principles.
  • We will endeavor to understand each other's work and recognize each other's areas of expertise.
  • We will endeavor to foster a team approach to meeting the challenges of our work.
  • We will endeavor to operate under the principles of consensual decision making.

Library Purpose and Goals

In support of the stated goals and objectives of the College, the Library is developing a unified program of library-media resources and services. The purpose of this program is to enhance instruction and learning in a manner consistent with the philosophy and curriculum of Lane Community College. The Library is guided by the principles of the Library Bill of Rights in the development of its programs and services.

The goals of the Library are:

  • To provide organized collections of print and non-print resources which will meet institutional and instructional requirements as well as the individual needs of students.
  • To create an environment in which resources are made readily accessible, not only through the provision of appropriate facilities, furnishings, equipment, and supplies, but particularly through the provision of adequate staff.
  • To facilitate learning and community services by providing services, resources and facilities which encourage and stimulate individualized instruction, independent study and effective use of resources by students, faculty and the community.