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The goals of the reference service are to:

1. Assist students, staff and public patrons in accomplishing their goals and objectives by providing comprehensive reference service. We will:

  • answer information requests accurately and promptly.
  • utilize outside resources as appropriate.
  • staff the reference desk with a professional librarian during the major hours of operation, or at other times upon request, depending upon funding.

2. Maintain a high level of communication between the Library and other departments. We will:

  • keep faculty and staff informed of current Library developments.
  • encourage student use of Library resources.
  • provide specialized reference services to faculty.

3. Assist students and staff in becoming competent in their use of the Library. We will:

  • provide class presentations.
  • assist with class library assignments.
  • provide bibliographic instruction on new library technologies and reference resources.

4. Provide and maintain an accurate, relevant, and timely reference collection that fulfills the needs of the Lane Community College community.

5. Provide a conducive learning environment.

6. Provide easy access to the reference staff.

7. Maintain a professional, highly trained reference staff.

8. Provide the most current library reference technologies.

Reference loan

Library materials classified as Reference do not circulate outside the Library. Individual exceptions may be made by the librarians on a case-by-case basis. If an exception is made, the item is usually allowed out on an overnight, or shorter, loan. In the event a librarian is not available, other Library staff may allow a patron up to ten free photocopies in lieu of authorizing a loan.

Some reference books are never allowed to circulate. This list includes the following:

  • Any encyclopedia volume or multivolume set
  • Grove's Dictionary of Music
  • Oregon Atlas
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Physician's Desk Reference
  • Statistical Abstract
  • Willamette Valley Business Directory